Why I’m Running

I want to ensure a healthy future for our children. Having cared for children globally, I know that the United States leads in the development of economies around the world. I want to use my local and international experience to represent Hoosiers from the Fifth Congressional District, in Washington. When I was doing my research to start Timmy Global Health in 1997, other not-for-profit organizations spoke highly of the compassion of the people of central Indiana. As the Chief of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, I was dedicated to delivering compassionate care to the children I served. As your representative, I will work to fix our healthcare system, protect our freedoms, improve immigration, lift up the vulnerable among us, and generate growth and economic security for Central Indiana.

I’m one of us, and I’ll represent all of us. We can do better—we must do better—please join me in our campaign to bring Hoosier values to Washington.

Where I Stand

Generating Prosperity

I’m a physician but I’m also an entrepreneur, starting and building an electronic medical records company and a global nonprofit both based in Indiana, I understand that a healthy economy is fundamentally important to our prosperity and growth. I’ll work to protect and expand tax cuts, support fair trade deals that help Indiana businesses succeed, and cut burdensome rules and regulations that hold our economy back.


Providing health care to children in some of the most impoverished places on Earth, I understand why so many seek the hopes, opportunities, and freedoms our country has long represented. However, a nation without borders is not a nation at all. We need to strengthen border security and eliminate loopholes in our immigration laws that leave families and children vulnerable to human traffickers. Ours is a nation of laws, and our immigration system must be built on respect for those laws.

Defending Life

Growing up in a family that cared for 150 foster children, my parents taught me the value of human life. Their example and inspiration led me to become a pediatric rehabilitation physician. The children I’ve cared for are my heroes. Life is sacred, and it’s been my life’s mission to improve care for vulnerable children struggling with serious medical challenges. I will continue that mission in Congress, working to improve our healthcare system, preserve the fundamental dignity of human life, and defend the unborn. Learn more by clicking here.

The Dangers of Socialism

I’ve led medical missions around the globe, and I’ve seen firsthand the destruction from socialism. I will work to limit government control. History proves that socialism does not work. Democracy assures freedom and prosperity. If allowed socialized healthcare would limit innovation and decrease the quality of care of our patients.

Protecting Our Most Precious Liberties

I will work to uphold and protect our Constitution. Our constitution is the foundation of freedoms that are unprecedented and historic throughout the history of the world, and as I have traveled the globe helping children in other countries, I always come home with a deeper appreciate for our freedom. I will work every day to defend these freedoms, including sincere expressions of political and religious beliefs. I’ll oppose bills that infringe on those freedoms in our schools, churches, businesses, and public spaces. 

True Service

Our Founding Fathers did not intend for public service to be a career. They meant for elected officials to selflessly represent the views and interests of their neighbors, and then return home. In Congress, I’ll focus on advancing the best interests of Hoosiers, and I’ll vote my conscience, even when it might be unpopular with D.C. elites. I’ve worked to promote the best interests of my patients, and now I will apply the same commitment to assuring your voice is heard in Washington. I’ll work hard, and you’ll always know where I stand on the critical issues facing our Nation. I will always work for my constituents in Indiana’s Fifth District. I will take the time to know you, listen to you, and represent all of you.