About Dr. Chuck

Dr. Chuck working

Dr. Chuck is the Founder—and a current Volunteer—of Timmy Global Health, an Indianapolis-headquartered nonprofit with the mission to expand healthcare around the world and empower volunteers, students, and healthcare professionals to combat global health challenges. 

Born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana, Dr. Chuck had the privilege to experience the world from within the walls of his own Indiana home. His father—an employee at the Chrysler transmission plant—and his mother cared for 150 foster children whose parents were from around the world. While having brothers and sisters of various ages, backgrounds, creeds, abilities, and disabilities, Dr. Chuck can attest first-hand to the values of faith, freedom, and family. The same values Hoosiers hold dear. 

Inspired by his childhood and driven by his deep conviction to serve others, Dr. Chuck has achieved the ‘American Dream.’ Since becoming a Pediatric Rehabilitation Specialist in 1991, Dr. Chuck has served as the Chief of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine at Riley Children’s Hospital at IU Health, been listed as one of the 50 Most Positive Doctors in America (1996), co-founded iSalus Healthcare—a digital medical records and Telehealth software company—and helped pass Indiana’s Medical Health Shield Act (HEA 1145, May 2015). 

As a lifelong republican and Hoosier, it is clear to Dr. Chuck that Washington, D.C. is not working for us.  As a medical doctor, entrepreneur, and your next congressman Dr. Chuck will continue to roll up his sleeves and tackle the pressing issues head-on—combating real problems with real solutions.